October 10, 2011

New York Visit

We went into the city via Hoboken and the PATH (subway).  One ends up in the pit, or now basement, of the former WTC (World Trade Center).  It's no longer a pit, like it was the last time I was there, it's all covered and I guess above is the basement of the new tower, and part of the memorial.  One needs a ticket to get into the memorial, and it was too late at that point so all we could do is try to see it from the Winter Garden.
The Winter Garden is right next to the WTC, and was damaged during 9/11.  Nothing is visible of the damage, and it's restored to the former glory - and beautiful it is.

On across the town, through City Hall Park, where this guy was waiting for us:
right in the bushes, not shy at all.

 My lame attempt at jumping (although my feet are off the ground)
my strong man!
Weather was glorious - warm, sun shine, perfect.
 Doesn't this  bride look like right out of a fairy tale?
 and the gorgeous view from Brooklyn toward Manhatten - post card....
yes, we 'stole' this photo from the photographer, and no, we don't know the couple.
And it looks like someone hung out their laundry.  And I hope they are done soon with the refurbishing of the Bridge.
So hard NOT to grab a camera - this isn't taken with mine, which was in my pocket, but dummy me forgot the memory card, that was in the computer at home!
Then a subway and a PATH ride back to the car, and off we were to Liberty State Park on the NJ side:

This has to be the most photos from me, 
thank you for looking at the entire post!
It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.
(Lasagne and salad at home, a little TV, and exhausted to bed)


  1. Wow, tolle Fotos! Super Wetter. Das muss eine beeindruckende Stadt sein. Irgendwann wollen wir da auch mal hin. Muss man mal gesehen haben, oder?

  2. be still my heart....

    ich bekomme ganz schlimm sehnsucht hier. und ich sehe, das wetter ist glorios, wie immer im oktober! hach, wie gern wäre ich jetzt dort. aber wir hatten paris im frühling und beides geht nun mal nicht...

    nächstes jahr hoffentlich wieder.

    danke fürs zeigen... die bilder erfreuen mein herz!

    liebe grüße

  3. soooo schön! wünschte ich könnte auch grad mal nach NYC wenn ich kurz zeit und nix zu tun hätte! aber wir haben ja die loreley ;-) auch net schlecht oder? haha