October 14, 2011


My son and his family are here for a funeral.  While a sad occaisson, I get to see Kate and Noah (and their parents, of course).  Kate is fascinated with her brother, and loves it when he makes faces at her.  Also visiting is Nibby, the 7-year old German Shepard.
Noah entertaining his sister.

On a different note:  there is a movie being made on our lot at work.  It's dingy and dirty there, they are using a building which had been abandoned, and as far as I know, it's a short film about someone freaking out over religion.  M. made a podium with a cross in it with lights (I'll take pictures), and a couple of signs, besides fixing up a door.  The yard is dirt/mud when it rains, and filled with old barn wood, and logs to make kilns.

Tonight: overnight guests again, Matthew and Jessica!  Jessica will be getting tacos with guacamole, and Matthew a home-made pizza.  No, we're not spoiling the grandkids!

Jessica practicing

Self portrait with kids

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  1. Ohy, how fun! Jessica is on her way to fame as a gymnastic:) Love the picture of you three... Keep spoiling them!