October 14, 2011

Movie and so on

Got a chance to go in the yard and take some pictures:
 This is the yard, with the equipment truck in the corner straight ahead.
The movie is being filmed in the brick building, which used to be a coppersmith's forge
 The dust containment system (not part of the movie, part of the mill)
covered in fabric from us, doesn't it look funny?
It needs to be covered, or all the tubes get wet and freeze
 Logs ready to be cut for wood to make kilns
 back to the movie set...
and M a stand-in for the actor

 Old stuff in the corner
My hero!

and this is what he normally does.

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  1. Doing a quick catch up here. This is awesome, you're in the midst of a star :) And you're a pro with a sewing machine!