October 1, 2011

Bear and Pow wow

The Pow wow never happened for us.  My daughter-in-law called and asked if I could mind Noah (3) and Kate (5 mos), while she visited an aunt in the hospital.  Of course I didn't!

They came, handed over the kids, and left.  I suggested at one point to go to the playground, but was glad no one took me up on it, when M. spotted this out the living room window:
And it was closer than this to the house, it was digging in my garbage, about 10 feet away from the window, we didn't see it because the bushes were hiding it.
and this is him/her from a bedroom widow (in my house!)  meandering off:

Yes, there is a bear around, and he is huge



  1. Oh Ruth, call the wildlife authorities and let them know! Hopefully you already have. They are dangerous and someone will get hurt. A couple of years ago a family was camping in a canyon here in UT and a bear grabbed a 12 year old boy from his tent. No, they couldn't stop it and searchers found what was left of him the next day. Wildlife officials said if a bear gets use to being around civilization, it will come through any opening to get food. YIKES! Hopefully you've already done this. Now I'll worry about you....

  2. Kommt der denn nicht öfter, wenn der nun weiss, wo er was zu fressen findet? Ich hätte ziemliche Angst vor so einem.

    Rehe ist was anders, aber ein dicker Bär. Muss wohl Wald bei euch in der Nähe sein.

  3. Puh, das, was Vicki schreibt, wuerd ich auch machen!!! Bei uns gibt's die Baeren ja nicht freilebend, aber gelesen hab ich schon oft, dass sie gefaehrlich sind, wenn sie ao in Wohngegenden rumlaufen.

  4. OMG, this is quite scary! Hope the bear hasn't made a return...