May 2, 2011

A hike, a birthday and a mishap

On Saturday I was babysitting two little boys.  One nine-months old, who needed to go in the stroller, so we could go to the playground with his brother, who is almost 4.
The mother thoughtfully put her mountainbuggy stroller in my trunk, so I could use it.
I took it out, tried to open it, and it promptly collapsed.  So I grabbed it by the front, pulled the wheel from under the stroller forward, snapped it in place, and realized my thumb was caught.  Truly caught in the stroller.  No way to pull it out, to slide it, to twist it, it was caught.  The baby was sitting in the dirt next to me, the four-year old running up and down the drive way, and I had a stroller stuck to my thumb.

Not a single clue as to how to open or close it.  Nothing, nichts, nada.  I tried what levers I saw, nothing was budging, still had a stroller stuck to my thumb.
Luckily I had my cell phone on me, called a friend, who also luckily lives within 2 miles of me, and was willing to help.  She came right over, tried various levers and buttons, and also couldn't figure out how to make the stroller collapse.
So we unscrewed it - that is, she did.  Can you imagine?!
And yes, you are allowed to laugh.

Sunday was time for a 'short' 5 plus mile hike.  And it was glorious.  The weather perfect, and everything pretty and green:

Getting a close-up of the moss
 A lean-to to spend the night.
 Anyone know what kind of tree this flower is on?  It's fairly small, all by itself in the middle of the park
 On top of the mountain.  
And another lone blooming tree.
And a birthday celebration:
Blowing out the candles.
I had made the potato salad that she knew and loved from HER Oma.
A great party,
and a full weekend.
Happy Birthday, Erika!
I am so proud of you, and I love you


  1. HAHAHA, now I can say I actually know someone who got their thumb stuck in a stroller! I'm still trying to get a visual in my head:) Glad you didn't lose a digit and had a close friend.

    Love that you had another hiking day. I have no idea what the flower is on but it's pretty.

    Love the 'Sleepover Inn' but it looks drafty:)

    Glad you made the favorite potato salad, bet it's yummy! Cake looks good too.

    Glad you posted again.

    Enjoy your week my friend..

  2. OK, gotta ask....what is he looking at? Maybe praying? Hahaha:)

  3. hmmmm...deutscher kartoffelsalat! lecker! ;-) hoffe deinem daumen gehts wieder gut!
    viele grüsse aus dem, heute, sonnigen hunsrück!

  4. Kartoffelsalat, jaaaa der ist immer gut, lach.
    Das mit dem Kinderwagen war ja echt ein Ding.
    Schön, dass du mal wieder geschrieben hast.

    Dir alles Gute ♥