May 10, 2011


The week is glorious.  Weather is springlike, sunny, mild, flowers very suddenly are here, and I swear I just turned around and everything is green.  The dogwood is blooming, and I'm just a little bit sorry that I won't be seeing my pink dogwood.  I'm babysitting for two of my grandchildren, since the parents left the country to celebrate a birthday.
I'm doing fine, the kids are very cooperative, but of course they get to sleep in bed with me, watching TV before I turn it off!  (and almost unlimited Xbox - sssshhhhh, don't tell!)

Yes, that's what grandmothers do.  We walk to school each morning, and if I have time, I walk to pick them up, and they get to walk home too.  It's not yet 4 PM and I have walked my 10,000 steps.
Did I tell you all how well I did at the last doctor's appointment?  Not on meds yet!  Keeping diabetes in check by walking and watching my carbs.  That's all I do!  Yes, and I managed to lower my cholesterol.  Really.

And someone else watches with me so I don't overdo.
And for that someone is the photo of the church we attended at Easter below.

News of the baby?  She went home!  She took her Mom too, of course, but the little peanut is doing fine, even though her mom has a cold.  But they'll be more comfortable at home, I'm sure.
Welcome home, Kate!


  1. So glad to know your health is in check. Keep walking and de-carbing:) Now I need to take my own advice...

    Nothing but soggy flowers and trees here. 4th day of drizzling rain. Hope it let's up tomorrow like they say. Thing is, it's making the grass very mowable...blah!

    I'm headed to Colorado to stay the weekend with my daughter and her family, haven't seen them since December. My son is driving there with me so we'll have a good time.

    I'm so happy for the new little gal in your life. I have a grand daughter Katelyn aka Katie, so we'll both have one to talk about.

    This comment has turned into a letter... Just wanted to say I love how things are evolving in your world and that you have someone to keep you in line :)

    Have fun with the grandma things and blog when you find time! Happy Xboxing too.

  2. hallo ruthi,
    schön das du deine diabetis so im griff hast! hut ab! ich wäre zu faul um so viel zu laufen....viel spass noch mit m und j, sag mal hallo von uns!

  3. Ja, mit Sport kann man eine Menge erreichen. Ich freue mich mit dir, dass du nun ohne Medizin leben kannst. Prima!
    ich nehme auch seit inzwischen 5 Jahren keine Medikamente mehr. Es ist einfach herrlich so leben zu können. Hoffentlich noch recht lange.
    Die Kirche wirkt sehr schön und einladend.
    ich hoffe, du hattest ein gutes Osterfest mit allen deinen Lieben.