May 14, 2011

MA weekend, again

Yesterday Jessica's and Matthew's parents came back from a short trip to Italy.   Big excitement all around, parents happy, kids happy, and Oma happy (she got to go home).
The kids slept with me.  We piled in their parent's bed, and the kids were allowed some TV.
Last night Jessica said to her father:
Daddy, I slept on your side of the bed, and you need to change your pillow case, 'cause I drooled on it!

One of those things one needs to write down.

Cathy is visiting from Germany.  She's here on a business trip, and she'll go on to visit her Mom here in the States.
In the meantime it's Saturday, Cathy left, and the weekend has started.
Life goes on....


  1. haha jessica! :-))

  2. Die Sache mit dem Kissen ist ja herrlich, und ehrlich.
    Dir gehts also gut!
    Schön zu lesen.
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. Oh, fun with the kids! And so funny about the pillow case! Love the innocence of a child...

    Enjoy your being home time:)