May 8, 2011

More celebrations

How do you like the header photo?  Cool, isn't it?  Yes, at that moment and from that advantage point it is the greatest city in the world.  Where I celebrated a birthday.  And was celebrated - it was so lovely.  A matinee, dinner near 5th Ave., in a lovely Italian restaurant, finished off with gelati, and a stop of a view like that - oh, please, show me something better.  With such lovely, lovely, none-better company.
Yes, even at my age, there are 'princess nights'.
The dark tower growing slightly to the left of the middle with the cranes on top is the new World Trade Center.  After 10 years it's about time that something grows in the awful hole.  
Makes you wonder what the holdup was.
big, shiny city

More to celebrate:  Mother's Day, with a soccer game, the company of grandchildren, a dinner, the company of a special person, just so nice, and a beautiful, sunny day.
Topped off with the news of the birth of a new granddaughter: Katherine Margaret.  Margaret being the name of my mother.

To my kids, thank you.
Chuck and Sue, thank you.

To M, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it couldn't have been better.


  1. wow, schön zu hören das du eine princess night hattest und es dein prinz vollkommen gemacht hat! :-) herzlichen glückwunsch nochmal von uns! und herzlichen glückwunsch zu deinem 6ten enkelkind und praktisch das erste für deinen prinzen ;-)) oben das headerfoto: der hammer! wow! ich bin geflasht! viele liebe, sonnige grüsse!

  2. If I was one of those ridiculous people who got jealous of someone else and their amazing life stuff, I would be. But I'm not. I'm SOOOO happy for the great changes in your life, for the cool pictures and things you share on the blog, but mostly for your friendship.. Can't wait to read the next page. Maybe pictures of the newest little one? Keep having amazing things to share:)

  3. Great header photo! I miss living near there.

    Congratulations on the new granddaughter. What a great Mother's Day present.