May 25, 2011

A day without rain

Here is a grandchild that I visited last week:
She is cute and tiny, and perfect!
And here is her proud family:

It's been raining every day.  With sunny breaks in between sometimes, but raining every day none-the-less.

Today is gorgeous, low 80's, a beautiful almost summer day.
Over the weekend we went hiking, and it was lovely, and look what we came across:

no, we don't know what kind of snake it was.  It also seemed hurt, and I am not in the habit of giving first aid to snakes.
The rest of the hike was uneventful, but lovely.
Busy week, and a busy weekend  coming up.


  1. Oh Ruth, SHE IS ADORABLE! OOO I just want to hold and kiss her cute little cheeks. I miss not having new ones around. So glad you're sharing yours. And your daughter looks so much like you:) What a nice little family. Now you'll get back to somewhat normal again. And don't expect the rain to let up much. We still have it coming down almost everyday. Not usual this time of year. Glad we're not in tornado country...

    YIKES, I hate snakes! Glad you didn't pick it up. Glad you're still hiking too:) I missed your last post so I'll go comment there too. Life gets busy!!

    Miss you...

  2. aaaah, endlich wieder ein lebenszeichen ;-) die perras in MD sehen alle gut aus. ich schick´ dir ein paar sonnenstrahlen von dland nach aland! :-) viele hunsrücker grüsse!