April 27, 2011

Still alive

No time.  I have no time for blogging.  My life is very happy, and very busy.

Our Easter was lovely.  We went to church, and had dinner at my house.  We made ham, and potatoes au gratin, with asparagus, caramelized carrots, broccoli, home made rolls, and three kinds of dessert.  We were supposed to have been 14 all together, but Matthew got sick, so his Dad stayed home with him.

Last weekend we went hiking for 7 plus miles in Harriman State Park, a wonderful  spot, which even my mother knew.  I had driven her and my Dad on a trip just to see, and ever after she wanted to go back there.
Well, Ma, I made it!  We walked just about all day.  It was cold and gloomy, and rained toward the end of our hike, but we were dry thanks to ponchos and good hiking shoes.

The day after we walked in Midtown Manhattan and got theater tickets for The Adams Family on Broadway for later in May.

We are planning a trip to Washington, DC the beginning of June.  I am really looking forward to that.

Maybe I'll be back in between to report, maybe not, it depends on my time.

I hope all you out there are having a wonderful time, and that you all are enjoying your lives!


  1. Love reading about your hikes and awesome places and things to see.


    I understand busy and priorities...

    Say hi when you can and know I'm happy that you're so happy:):)

    Keep in touch...

  2. like a teenager in love....i love that! have fun, wherever you are going!
    hunsrücker grüsse,

  3. Liebe Ruth,
    es tut so gut
    endlich mal wieder von dir zu lesen.
    Da hattet ihr ja einen tollen Marsch, und ja, schöne Osterfeiertage.
    Gehts Matthew wieder besser?

    Viele liebe Grüße und lass es dir gutgehen, nur vergiß uns alle nicht völlig ;-)