April 11, 2011

.... and busy still

Hiking was on the plan for the weekend.  And we hiked.  In Massachusetts at the Quabbin Reservoir.  Beautiful!  One of the largest man-made reservoirs (ask aunt Google), and just gorgeous.
I requested at some point to see an American Bald Eagle.  And promptly one was found for me, far away in a tree, but an eagle in the open!  How cool is that?!  To even spot it is something.
Of course now I want to see one closer.... never enough.


  1. Sounds like another HaPpY weekend for you:)

    Where I lived before here, Bald Eagles would come every winter to nest and they were quite a site. Did you know their nests are on average,6 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep? Really! And since they add to them every year, can weigh around 40 pounds. I lived not far from a dept. of Wildlife fish hatchery and they had a "Bald Eagle Day' where anyone could come see them up in the trees. Course, the Sheep Ranchers weren't too fond of them around lambing time. But most of them would be gone by then..

    Hope all is well in your little world:)

  2. Fine to read some words from you.
    Good to see, you still are living...
    Where are the pictures from the eagle?
    Please, show us!