September 4, 2011

Windham, NY and the aftermath

 We did go to Windham.  We hiked the first day, and the second.
On the third day we looked at each other and said 'think we should volunteer to do something?'
and the other one said 'sure'.
So we went downtown and asked if we could help in any way.
Sure, help was always appreciated.
So we cooked burgers and hot dogs and shish kebabs that were donated.
For all the workers digging in the mud, removing the garbage,
the home owners without power and a basement full of water,
and for the restaurant owners who had their places filled with mud, 
and lost all their appliances.
And stood next to a little (figuratively) girl who is a college student home for the weekend,
who volunteered, even though her village was almost destroyed.
We made new friends, and I met a lot of people from the past.
These are the new friends, sisters, who grew up on the grounds of the house I now visit.

 see the line?  We think we served at least 500 meals for lunch.

 And this is a glimpse of what the town looked/looks like.

We feel very lucky and grateful


  1. OK, this one choked me up..... How awesome of you two to help out like that. This is why we're such a great country, even with all our political problems, when were in need there's always a Mike and Ruth who comes along and rolls up their sleeves...

    Here's huge hugs to you both and a sigh that you're still safe in the middle of such devistation. Prayers for those who need them....

  2. Liebe Ruthie,
    da habt ihr ja ein gutes Werk getan. Wunderbar.
    So konntet ihr anderen eine große Freude bereiten.
    Das sieht ja echt schlimm dort aus. Oh man.
    Ich umarme dich für deinen Fleiß und Einsatz für andere. Auch neue Freunde konntest du gewinnen, wie schön.
    PS: morgen ist was für dich in meinem Bericht ;-)
    Liebe Grüße