September 28, 2011

In the country

Gloomy day today, rain predicted.  No walking this morning, we slept late, and I had to get things together to go to work, somehow the time passes, and it's time to go!  So no spotting of diverse wild life.
There is no hunting in our area, it's too densely populated, if you did hunt, you'd hit a house or a person or a car.  It's truly weird, we all live 'in the woods', the animals get used to seeing people and they aren't afraid.  
We have so many wild animals living in the area because there is no hunting.
Once in a while the state allows a few days for bears to be hunted, but then only in special areas, maybe state/government parks, not in populated areas.  Anyway, it makes for pleasant encounters (so far, since I haven't run into the bear yet).

The other day I showed Jessica the photos of the praying mantis.  The next day she played on her school playground (which is backed up by trees and a field, backed up by more wooded area), when she came running to get us - she found another praying mantis!  And recognized it from the photos - good job, Jessica!

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  1. Ah, don't be gloomy Ruth, at least it's not snowing...yet. Do you have fall colors now? I think it's cool how animals have allowed us to move right into their homes, but it's also sad..

    Enjoy your wildlife :)