September 19, 2011


The weekend was spent visiting M.'s Mom.  She was in a serious accident last March, and is having a very slow recovery.  When you are 85 years old, recovering from a car accident is not easy.
We tried cheering her up, cooked up a storm, all her requested dishes, like macaroni and cheese (made from scratch), we brought NJ fresh corn (the best!), steak, and I made cinnamon buns that were so full of sugar, that they caramelized right in the baking pan.

We were told about a praying mantis in the tiny yard, and entertained ourselves by taking photos of it, and even feeding it flies.  Yes, it took them!  And devoured them right in front of us.

The Lady below makes fabulous quilts.
I was told she is working on a quilt for me, with the help of her daughter.

I was shown the beginnings of the quilt, and it looks fabulous!
I love blues, and M.'s favorite color is green.  How perfect!
I can't wait for the quilt to be done, but no pressure!

and my photo of the praying mantis, the ones above are by M. 

And of course the gorgeous butterfly has to make it here too!
Lovely days


  1. Oh Mann, mit 85 heilt das alles ja nicht mehr so schnell. Ich hoffe, sie wird wieder komplett fit. Aber bei so guter Verpflegung.

    Gottesanbeterinnen find ich sooo toll. Wie die den Kopf drehen können und dich angucken! Wie heissen die denn bei euch?

    Tolle Fotos.

  2. Die Sammy in Ohio hat auch eine Oma, die Quilts herstellt.
    Sie schaut noch gut aus mit ihren 85 Jahren, alle Achtung!
    Die Gottesanbeterin habt ihr ja super aufs Bild bekommen. So eine habe ich noch nie gesehen. Danke dafür.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Trying to do a fast blog catch-up. How sweet of you two for making the Mom's day. Hope she feels better everyday. I'm off on a road trip to Idaho, then to meet a blog friend in Park City! I'll post about it when I get back next week. ALSO, headed to Delaware early next month. I'll get with PJ and see when would be a good day for a get together. I won't be on here again till next Tuesday..

    Quilt is, and will be, lovely! Keep us posted on it...

    Talk again soon on Skype???

  4. amazing pictures! some funny pets you have in NJ, though.
    And the quilts are fabulous, especially the wall-hanging one.