September 7, 2011

Hiking in the Catskills

We hiked last week.  A lot of possible hiking areas were closed due to road wash-outs.  We did manage to hike the Escarpment Trail right outside Windham, NY.   We wanted to hike to Windham High Peak.  First we had to cross the brook that brought all the flood the week before.  While running swiftly, it looked innocent enough.  The bridge was gone, washed away. But we made it across by hopping from rock to rock.
 Crossing the stream, or brook
 These 'bridges' were pushed over by the water as well
A brave-looking woman, who didn't look so energetic on the way back
 Through the 'enchanted forest', the trail really, really is over those roots
 ?  a castle for a fairy princess?  With her own umbrella?
 fresh bear tracks
we saw toads 
 The view from the top

and on the other side of the mountain.

We hiked up 3,500 feet, and over 17,000 steps, which works out to a little over 7 miles.
Yes, I hiked up over 3,5 miles UP the mountain (and it was all uphill),
and over 3,5 miles down.
Yes, we were tired.  Yes, our legs were sore the next day.

What a beautiful area - 
we definitely will be back.

Thank you, Nicole and Greg
for this:


  1. Das sieht ja toll aus! Der Pilz und die Wurzeln sind der Knaller. Und bei soooo frischen Bären wär ich wohl schon wieder weg.

  2. Oh! What a hike:) Well worth it for the scenery and a little place to rest a weary body....
    It's easy to see how happy you two are. Makes me smile :):) Keep sharing all this happiness!

  3. zu viel bewegung für mich ;-) aber toll wo ihr überall rumkrakselt! wir waren für ein langes wochenende in münchen. wir sind auch viel gelaufen durch das sightseeing und shoppen, eigentlich auch viel zu viel bewegung für mich! :-)
    K&D ganz doll!

  4. Ja, das würde ich auch gern laufen.
    Genau richtig.
    So schöne Fotos.
    Ach herrje, die Brücke weg, und ihr über die Steine im Fluß. Sowas haben wir mal in Osterreich gemacht, lach, da muss ich gerade dran denken.
    Der Ausblick dann von da oben hat ja wohl für alles entschädigt.
    Schau dir bei mir mal" Padstow II" an. Da ist eine eigene Straße für dich ♥