September 26, 2011


Wow, already a week gone by.  And I was busy!  I am back to picking up Matthew and Jessica after school, waiting with all the other parents and grandparents for the kids to come streaming out.  Matthew's 9th birthday was on Friday, and he was totally happy.  He got two gift cards to game town, and more gift certificates - at nine one likes to buy things for himself, although unwrapping gifts is fun too.

We were doing heavy lifting with help over the weekend, but it's all done.  No, no hiking for us this weekend!
Here some more photos from last weekend:

 One of the beautiful quilts M.'s mom makes,
 this one is her pride and joy, and she requested that M. hang it
 Some more quilts, and below a lunch wagon I happen to spot in a parking lot
and our ever-present deer, a little nosy fawn, taken without zoom, that's how close it came.

On this morning's walk I spotted two skunks, two deer and a fawn again.  
Country living, anyone?
No one plants tulips anymore.  They become expensive deer food.
We are all becoming experts at which plants will be avoided by the deer,
turns out, not many.


  1. Doch, du scheinst auf dem Land zu leben. Wird bei euch den auch gejagt?

    Soll der Seafood-Wagen irgendwas darstellen? Ich schiel schon, aber ich kann nicht erkennen, was das sein soll?

  2. Quick peek before I go to bed...

    Sounds like the move is a done deal. What changes this year has brought into your life. About time, huh:) Hope to work something out so we can meet while I'm in Delaware...we'll make it happen...

    Love the quilts too, such talent.