September 16, 2011


Our weather flipped.  From hot and humid to cool, chilly even.  It was predicted.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt yesterday, thinking so what, if it get's cooler, I'll be more comfortable.  Well, I forgot what 60's felt like.  And with a bit of wind and some rain, it's cold!
I brought Matthew to soccer practice, and he wanted me to stay on the field.  It's too cold and raining, was my plea, why can't I wait in the car?  But no, I was wanted right on the field.  Which reminds me, bring a coat, a jacket, something, leave it in the car, and don't forget a blanket or/and an umbrella.

Weekend?  Going to Massachusetts.  No, I never stay home.  Or so it seems.  We are bringing some local corn, maybe the last of it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Aww yes, the start of the cooling off season. Got chilly here too. But it'll warm up again before the snow hits..I hope:)

    I love that you never stay home!! Going to Massachusetts myself! August:) But you know where else I'm headed soon...can't wait!

  2. Tja, jetzt wirds auch hier abends erheblich kühler. Da braucht es auch eine Jacke, wenn es tagsüber warm war. Aber so kann ich endlich gut schlafen, die kühlen Nächte sind mir einfach lieber.
    Schon wieder unterwegs.
    Ein schönes Wochenende auch euch ♥