March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's

Life does go on.  And while there is not a drop of Irish blood anywhere in my family - nada, nothing, nichts - to cheer up, I'll post a few pictures from a few years back, when there was a parade in NYC that was advertised as 10,000 men in skirts.  I am normally not a fan of the bagpipe, but that parade was impressive.
A friend and I went, and we totally enjoyed ourselves.  We also heard of evidence - second hand - of what is under those kilts, if it's true?

So drink green beer
eat green bagels
and if you can still find it, have a green milk shake!
(the German in me shudders)


  1. Green milkshakes, after a green beer, on top of green bagels? After a belly full of all that green, I could imagine many things lurking under them kilts..haha. Now you need to tell what YOU think is there!

    I could spend all day listening to bagpipes..and wondering:)

  2. Meine Tochter hat mich heute Morgen schon auf den Arm geboxt, OBWOHL ich gruene Puschen an hatte! (zuspaet gesehen) ;)

    Ich wollte nur sagen, dass ich noch blogge, nur musste ich leider die Adresse aendern ...

  3. Dudelsackgepfeife hörst du in Edinburgh auf der Hauptgeschäftstraße von morgens bis abends, durchgehend. Irgendwann nervt es dann doch gewaltig.

    Jaaa, was sie drunter tragen, immer wieder diese Frage, lach.
    Alles in grün essen und trinken, igittigitt.