March 14, 2011

Mixing it all up

For the weekend we visited the family in Maryland.  It was so great to see them!
We had two little boys playing with worms:
We went out for lunch, and Noah was returning his Dad's wink.  And no, I don't have dirt on my face, Jackson thinks I'm his wrestling/rough housing buddy and head-butted me last weekend.  Totally my fault, and I'll behave a little more grandmother-like in the future (maybe).
The boys played and played, and had a good time with each other
We walked in the woods, had lunch out, and just had a good time in each other's company.
shaking a tree that's their size, and just goofing around.
I got teased because I make phone calls to someone new in my life,
and that's fine.


  1. Was für ein harmonisches Wochenende.
    Die Kinder teilweise selbstvergessen, schööööön.
    Tja, Oma, benimm dich wie eine! Lach. Nee besser nicht, bleib wie du bist.

    Telefonat mit jemand Neuem... ooooh.... Erzähl mehr ;-)

  2. Another fun weekend in your life...I love it!

    And that you take the phone with you.

    Wink Wink :)