March 23, 2011

Snowy March weather.

The snow plows going by woke me up this morning.  It's supposed to snow all day and into tomorrow morning here.  So please don't tell me about sunshine and flowers blooming and bees flying otherwise I'll add mosquitoes to it in my imagination!

Beginning.  New beginnings are wonderful and scary at the same time.  To meet up with someone at any age brings back all the anxiety one had as a teenager, and one - okay me - must remind myself that I have lived a few years, can tell things, am usually a confident person, and to stop with all the silly stuff and just enjoy.
So I'll enjoy.  And if I focus on that, it all is well.  
Very well!
I also realized I can't blog about our time together, because it wouldn't be fair.  I should tell about the blog, and ask permission or at least warn that I do have a blog.
Those are the thoughts running through my head.

And when I'm not thinking, I am totally happy.


  1. >And when I'm not thinking, I am totally happy> yeaaaaaaah! das ist schön! und klar macht man sich am anfang gedanken, egal wann sowas im leben passiert! das legt sich und: alles wird gut! don´t worry, be happy! K&D ganz doll!

  2. Hang on cause we have yet another storm coming our way..which means it's on the way to you also :( But, spring is out there somewhere....

    I love hearing about you're little life 'change' and that you can feel like a teenager again! That's what it's all about...having good times and knowing that you can.

    And of course you should tell about this blog. Whether he wants to share things or not, he'll know what a talented women he keeps company with...

    Just make sure, either way, you let us know what silly happiness feels like again:)

    You rock!

  3. Snow? I remember when I was a kid growing up in NJ and it snowed on Easter.

  4. You are totally happy, that is amazing.
    Liebe Ruth, ich freue mich mit dir und für dich.
    Weiterhin alles Glück der Welt.
    Irgendwann wirst du ein wenig mehr herauslassen, denke ich. Wenn es an der Zeit ist.
    Sorry, dass ich so lange nicht hier war.
    Am Diensteg abend streikte wordpress total, seit gestern streikt unser Internet immer wieder. Es macht keinen Spaß mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 280 oder so. Im Moment geht es mal wieder, Glücksache...
    Morgen kommt mal wieder ein Techniker, die suchen sich nen Wolf, finden nur den Grund nicht.

  5. I am really happy for you, Ruth!
    Let the butterflies fly :-) and simply enjoy!!!