March 4, 2011


Saturday is turning out to be a regular Saturday.  And that's fine.  The special something will be postponed to some other time.
Sorry to be mysterious!  Some day there will be an explanation, I promise.

Other than that, it's cold!  I'm complaining, yes, I usually don't dislike winter, but this one took the cake, and can off-put even the most staunch Northern European off winter.

I got ready for the morning walk.  So I better get my shoes/boots on, and get going.


  1. Zajimavý blog...hezký den...

  2. WHAT'S WITH ALL THE MYSTERY??? Oh, you're bad:)
    Ok, I'm with ya on this winter crap...blah. And as I'm typing this, the news says NJ's gas prices are going up 17 cents! Now THAT'S bad...
    Enjoy your walk. Think we'll all be walking more.
    Oh, want a laugh? Go see my Jake blog post from yesterday....

  3. Oh jeee, immer noch in Stiefeln walken gehen?
    Wir hatten die letzten 3 Tage Sonne aus allen Knopflöchern, aber es war bis gestern ein eklig kalter Wind. Heut war er nicht mehr so heftig, und so hatten wir 8 Grad PLUS, schööööööööön.
    Was ist das mit dem Geheimnis???
    Spann mich nicht so sehr auf die Folter, bitte, bitte.
    Dir ein schönes Wochenende ♥