June 1, 2011


Well, we have the summer temperatures.  But we had an awesome weekend, not marred by extreme weather in any way.  Sunshine, except for the parade day, Monday.  No, we didn't see the parade, a thunderstorm was blowing through and  the parade was being held up, so we decided we needed to worry about our traffic home (which was fine, btw, nothing terrible).
The weekend included fishing, a lesson in seine fishing, rock throwing, relaxing, a visit to Sag Harbor, home cooked meals, and togetherness, and part of the group even went swimming.

All in all a perfect weekend.  Especially nice was to show the island to someone new to it.  Who saw it with new eyes, and wondered about the woods, the many open spaces, the old, old houses, and the general feel of the place.

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  1. I heard about your warm weather. I remember many NJ Memorial Day weekends when it was too cold to go in the water.