June 1, 2011

More photos from the weekend

Meant to add more pictures from the weekend.

As I'm getting ready to go on another trip tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to it!
I'll miss Jessica's birthday.  But I promised her we'll go shopping for her birthday present, which pleased her.

Over the weekend her goldfish died, and she cried bitter tears about it.  She also wrote him a love note, which she read over the phone to me.  She has a new one already, named 'Swimmy', and is all happy again.

 Seine fishing
 everyone pull!
spider crab
 puffer fish
blue fish/striped bass

and a party on the lawn of an old mansion, with the beach behind the trees.
What a lovely setting.

Off to new adventures!
(although I started one yesterday, having forgotten to order oil, I ended up with no hot water, which is not a good thing in 90 degree weather.  Oil to come today, hopefully all will be good!)

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  1. arme jessica! aber irgendwie auch total süss! viele grüsse vom sonnigen hunsrück!