June 14, 2011

June Birthdays

We have a slew of May and June birthdays in our family.  Really, a lot!  If we celebrated each one (which we have been doing), we do nothing else but birthdays for 8 weekends straight now.  So the best thing is to combine them.
And the little ones were celebrated this weekend.  Two little guys and one big girl.  Three, four and seven.
Guest of honor at the party was a 5-week old.  As far as the 7-year-old went, that was the highlight:

a proud big cousin feeding her little cousin
here is the birthday crowd, each with their individual cake.
Jessica thinks it's hilarious
and they boys just want to eat the decoration
and our attempt to shoot an Ann Geddes like image of the cutest little girl.
The aunties with the big brother of the baby
and more cousins
and yet one more cousin admiring the newest member of the clan

Other than that, things are busy, every weekend something new, and like I suspected, the summer will fly by.  This coming weekend I'll be in Massachusetts again.  The following weekend in Maryland.  Hmmm, M-States, is there a sign or something?
Maybe one of these days we'll stay home.  My poor neglected house. 
But I'm happy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Great idea to combine the Birthdays. I've tried but it seems not all cousins can make it...

    You have the sweetest family Ruth, I love when you share the day with us. Love the little one too:) I miss kissing soft tiny cheeks:)

    Off to more adventures. How fun! And how awesome that things are the way they are in your life. Puts big smiles on my face...

    I may be going to Delaware again in October. How far is that from you? I'd love to be able to plan a get together. We really should meet:)

    Take care, keep sharing and enjoy your summer!


  2. Eine prima Idee,einige Geburtstage zusammen zu feiern. Sonst kommt man ja echt zu nix mehr.
    Die Bilder sind großartig. Jo, fast ein Ann Geddes-Bild, lach.
    Ich komm im Moment auch nur selten, da wir seit dem 25.5. kein Internet haben, ich nur noch mit dem Stick online gehen kann. Der hat aber nur eine begrenzte Flat....
    Am Dienstag soll es endlich soweit sein, ich glaubs erst, wenns klappt....