September 1, 2013

Having the boys

Mom and dad are travelling, and we have the boys for a two nights and a whole day.  We are planning to go to the renaissance fair, since we were told the boys loved it last year.  Michael is off to buy the tickets, and the boys and I wandered down the street to check out the garage sales on our block.  The second garage sale we came to, we promptly found so much stuff, that we had to turn around and go home.  A wooden castle, an aircraft carrier, and a big game.
And they are playing happily with their new loot - ups, the fighting has started.  Oh, well, not all fun and games!

.... Later .....
We dropped the boys off at their house, chatted with Mom and Dad, and are home again.  There is a reason why grandparents aren't having babies anymore.... tired!  The Renaissance Fair was very nice, but no time to take pictures, except for a few, the crowds were large, and I had to keep an eye on the boys.
In the meantime, I'm still thinking of our week in the Adirondacks.  It was so lovely, on the last full day there we drove up to Lake Placid, about an hour and a half, and walked a bit in town, ate lunch, and then went to a gorge nearby.  We loved it, admired it, it reminded me of the gorges in Switzerland we used to visit on rainy days when it was not nice enough to go up into the mountains

 The gorge actually had a couple of glass sections - so scary!  But I did manage to step outside.

.And then we came upon the piece de resistance:  The drive - yes, I know, I am ashamed of myself, but the day was late, we got a late start, therefore no chance to walk up it - to the top of White Face Mountain,  the highest mountain in the State of NY.  Lovely, lovely view from the top into all directions.  This wonderful feeling on being on the top overlooking it all, the clean air, the quiet, it was amazing.

 There are two ravens (crows?) on top of Whiteface Mountain.  I asked about their names:
Edgar and Allen


 And some photos of our last day of hiking.  

I do want to go back some time

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