August 26, 2013

Home again

We got up very early ester day morning and started on our way home.  We had rented a small house, it was very comfortable and had every amenity, Internet, dishwasher, washer and dryer, in a very old house, but very updated on the inside.  Very clean, it was spotless.  Nice and large property, attached to woods, meadows, a brook and wetlands, all in the backyard.
We bought hiking maps of the area, picked out hikes by grade of difficulty, easy for us, or by recommendation.  One of the suggestions was Chimney Mountain, which Michael and I did.  Michael warned me from the very beginning: the topographical map shows it starts nice and gentle, and then it goes straight up, showing with hand motions a straight up, no, using his arms to show a straight up!
Well, he was right.  Evidently no one ever hiked in Switzerland, where they at least put some switchbacks in, but not here!  Straight up it went, nothing but up.  And up some more.  Huffing and puffing with backpacks, after all, there is no hot dog stand on the way, or at the top.  But we made it!
And it was beautiful:

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