August 19, 2013

Adventures in the Adirondacks

Today we went to Auger Falls in the Adirondacks. It took us a while to find it, it wasn't marked at all on the road.  So up and down the roads we went, looking for nonexistent road markers. When we did find it, we were grateful we hadn't given up, because it was beautiful, like a fairy tale forest, where you expect a gnome or two to climb out of the tree roots. And the princess to appear around the corner.

Instead we saw a family with two children, the girl maybe three, the boy five or six. They were really close to the white water rapids or waterfalls in sections, and then at one point I saw them on a slanted rock close to the water by a fast flowing section of the river.

I happened to take these photos of the family while thinking, gee they are really close to the edge...., also fooling around with the zoom on my camera.  On the lower photo you can see how far I stood away from them, you can't even tell where they are.
I heard a scream from some hikers close by and knew immediately that one of those kids had fallen in. Luckily the dad reacted quickly, jumped in after, and was able to pull the boy back out.
Scary! Luckily a happy ending...

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