August 4, 2013

August - family, vacation, hiking

Wow, time passes quickly!
August already.  Work during the week, with the weather cooler and bearable.

Dear Baerbel from, thank you so much for coming along with us in spirit!  On our hikes I think of you, and wonder which views you would want me to share. And I am grateful for every step I can make uphill, even though I am breathing hard and have aching muscles, it is a present to be able to walk up and down the mountain, over stony paths that look more like dried up brook beds than paths! I consider it truly a gift to still be able to enjoy nature like I am, or we are. And yes, we both know how lucky we are.

Anyway, this weekend we had a visit from Sue, Noah and Kate.  How much fun!  I love having them here, the kids get chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I found out Noah's favorite food is tacos!  I had no idea.  Luckily we had tacos from Friday night leftover, so Noah got to eat them on Saturday for lunch.
Kate seems to like it all, so no sweat as far as she is concerned.  On Saturday we visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve here in NJ, and it was interesting, the only disappointment was that it rained, and only during our time at the presentation - but we enjoyed seeing wolves, bobcats and fox.

We got together with the rest of the family in the early evening, and the kids had so much fun.

The boys enjoyed the dessert most of all!
Today back to hiking, after we saw Sue, Noah and Katherine off on their way
(they made it home safely)

 The photo above should really go to the 'I see faces' on instagram..... but I'm having trouble with my smartphone, so it didn't go there, and you will have to admire it!

Isn't this frog gorgeous?  I think he is beautiful!
Michael suggested I go pick him up and kiss him,
but I told him there was no need, I already had my prince.

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