July 23, 2013

Hot Humid summer

It's been hot, and it still is hot and humid.
Yes, we still walk or hike, two weeks ago we hiked to the limit of our endurance.  We told each other we could walk longer, but it was tough, and we both were glad to get back to the car.  All the little aches and complaints came to the surface, I was never so glad to get down the mountain and sit down in the car.
We still enjoyed our hike, and even went for a swim.  At the same spot where Michael got poison ivy last year.  This year he promptly got a couple spots again, which led me to declare that swimming spot unsafe.  There is something that makes him break out.  I got bitten by some kind of  bug, I don't think it was poison ivy in my case.

Work was also hard last week, it being so totally hot and humid.  We had every fan going in the place, and a couple of them are industrial strength!
This week is humid so far, which still makes it feel uncomfortable, but we have some relief coming.   I felt bad for Luzia Pimpinella and family who did a tour of New England, ending their last hot days in Boston.  I followed their trip on Instagram, and it was fun!
This past weekend we celebrated Evan's third birthday, so much fun!

He nearly singed his eyebrows off, getting so close to the ice cream cake to blow out the candles!

The next day Evan and Jackson came to our house, to spend the night and we were taking them to their first fireworks ever.  The challenge was to keep them up late, they had spent the day in an amusement park, and we took them back to a small carnival next to the site of the fireworks.  They had a blast!  Riding all the kiddie rides, and going into a two-story funhouse.  No idea what was in it, it seemed Evan was a bit young for it, but since he is tall, no one stopped him.  I warned Jackson to take care of his little brother, which he did, they boys went in again and again, so I can only surmise that it was good.
Yes, they did stay up for the fireworks!  It was touch and go, with them getting antsy, but they managed.  And loved it.  Evan kept telling us every color of the rocket bursts.  Great time.
I think that was the latest the boys went to bed, we managed to get them to bed by 10:45, and we weren't much behind.
They slept Monday until almost 9 AM, got chocolate chip pancakes, and played a bit, and then I took them swimming in our lake.  I finally, after many years, managed to get the passes to use the beaches again, and it was nice being able to take them.
Jackson was a bit afraid of the lake, I had to assure him that no fish got through the ropes around the swimming area (wink).

Yes, we also got our hike in, on Saturday.
Not quite as exhausting as the one the week before, a bit easier.
Most exiting thing:
I got  some close-ups of the butterfly:
 oh, and a lake filled with see roses. so pretty!
When we came back from our hike the flowers were already gone...

 The butterfly!


  1. Liebe Ruth,
    auch hier ist es schwül und immer noch warm, morgen soll es der heißeste Tag werden, und wir sind unterwegs nach Bayern...
    Naja, wir haben ja die Klimaanlage im Auto, lach.
    Also ist dieser See, von dem Michael Ausschlag bekommt, wohl nicht in Ordnung.
    Hey, die beiden kleinen so lange aufhalten, und sie haben es geschafft, wunderbar.
    So ein Feuerwerk ist auch eine großartige Sache.
    Danke für diesen tollen Bericht.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem heißen Deutschland