July 16, 2013

More Birthdays

Back home again, another weekend has passed, we worked, we sweat(ed), we attended a family party, and had a great time, we are planning our next vacation, we are sweating some more.... and so it goes.
I'm working on the tada! finish of Evan's quilt, and I'm already knee deep in ideas for more.

 A baby drinking seltzer
 sisters catching up

 lovely smiles from lovely people

 the party on the deck, welcoming family to New Jersey, they held the party
 and a little pre-celebration of Evan's 3rd birthday,
part of the family won't be able to be at the party on Saturday, 
but no one minded having to eat ice cream cake 
a week ahead of time, funny, that!
Evan decided on the pirate costume after 
having tried out at least 2 other costumes.

Sunday we went to our favorite State Park in NY State to hike.  It was very hot and humid, in the low 90's here when we left, the high 80's when we got there.  We hiked for hours, swam, and ended up walking over 15,000 steps, which doesn't sound like all that much (about 4.5 miles), but it was hot, humid, and very hilly.  Not easy meandering/walking.  Hey, I want credit!
We were so tired that we couldn't fall asleep that night - probably overtired.  We caught up on our sleep last night, so all is well.
I miss writing here on a regular basis, but will try to get back to it, I promise!

1 comment:

  1. Eine schöne Geburtstagsfeier.
    Leider kann ich nicht mehr mit meinem Mann so herrlich weit wandern, wie noch im letzten Jahr. 8 km, 14 km. kein Problem.
    Aber nun geht das nicht mehr. Meine Lendenwirbel 4 und 5 sind sehr klein, die letzte Bandscheibe ist klein und dünn, also kein Puffer mehr. Schmerzen habe ich Gott sei Dank KEINE vom Rücken her.
    Eine Blockade im linken Becken, Fußheberparese im linken Bein. Das bedeutet, ich bekomme den linken Fuß vorn nicht mehr hoch, es platscht beim Gehen.
    Nun will ich eine Schiene haben, mit der ich wohl länger durchgehen könnte.
    ich lese gern über eure Wanderungen.
    Ganz liebe Grüße von der Bärbel