April 28, 2013

Spring hiking

Busy week.  This is not a complaint.  Lots to do, just finished a couple of orders, started working on getting-ready-for-more-orders stuff, and promptly received a large order.

We babysat Percy, Jessica's and Matthew's Budgie.  They were on vacation, and asked his to entertain the bird.  Which with Sophie, the cat, in the house, was quite the responsibility.  But we all survived, and Percy was picked up on the way home by the family.  Michael had made a bird bath for Percy, which he rejected when he was alone, and promptly showed off how much he liked it when his family was there.

We went hiking yesterday (what else!).  This time we hiked a bit on the Appalachian Trail - indulge me, the Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine, about 2,200 miles, or 3,500 kilometers.

 Trail marker of the A.T.

  No, we didn't hike the entire thing, just a bit of it.  It's remarkable to me that the famous trail is just a small path in the woods.  We hiked for a while, and then went off it to make it a complete circle.  Very nice, on top of a mountain ridge in Harriman State Park, where we do a lot of hiking.
My brother Claus would not have liked it, we were in the woods for 3 hours, and ran into 9 people.  He would have thought it too crowded and not gone back there for a couple of years - or so he tells us.

Today found us in the woods again.  Greg wanted to do something with the boys, and asked us to go hiking. So cute!  Evan, who will be three this summer held up really well, didn't want to be helped at all, and climbed and clambered over rocks, and only on the way back did he realize how tired he was, and asked to be picked up by his dad.

 Roasting marshmallows in the woods

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  1. Liebe Ruth, mit den Kindern seid ihr dieses Mal gewandert. Das ist ja toll. Oder kamen sie erst dazu? Das habe ich nicht ganz verstanden.
    Jedenfalls ein berühmter Wanderweg, von dem ihr ein Stück gegangen seid.
    Die beiden Jungs haben ihre helle Freude, bei uns wird dann Stockbrot überm offenen Feuer gebacken. Ihr habt die Marshmallows. Schaut fast genauso aus.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland