April 15, 2013

Another April week gone by....

We've been very, very busy at work.  To the point of exhaustion at night, rush, trying to get things out the door, not make customers wait, get it done, and trying to get it done correctly.
Not complaining, but why does it always happen that all the customers send in orders at the same time?  And no way of telling which customers, and what to prepare, besides it's too hard and too expensive to work on 'maybe' work.  We're a small outfit, and we are a niche market, who make custom filters, etc...

We hung out with the kids after work, Jessica started tennis lessons, Matthew put on his baseball uniform and went off to games.  Yesterday we went hiking again, we just love exploring in the huge State Park, now our quest is for antlers, with as many deer as there are in the park, there have to be antlers!

We also saw Jackson, Evan and Andrew yesterday, me met them and their parents at a park where they were riding their bikes.  How awesome it is when the boys are excited to see us, and ask us to come home with them!  And how big Andrew got/ is getting!

I cannot get the pictures to turn.  I turn them in the editor, but they come up sideways here.  Oh, well.
I just thought it funny how fast Andrew changes his expression, these photos were taken within seconds of each other, and that's how fast his expression changed.  Amazing!
He is driving his mother nuts at the moment, he turns from his back onto his stomach, and hasn't figured out how to turn back yet.
(Btw, I made the crib sheet, it's really easy, and the moms love them.)

I am also working on yet another quilt, I'm appliqueing a quilt for Andrew, for Christmas.  It's adorable, and I will post photos soon.

Ruthy, thank you for your comment and your tip to find another Reader!  When I have a moment, I will set myself up on that site.

When I got up this morning, I was fine, and as the day wore on, I realized I'm working on a bladder infection.  No, I'm no hero, I immediately went to emergency care and got antibiotics.  I firmly believe in supporting our pharmaceutical industry, besides, it works immediately, and there is hardly any downtime and I know it gets worse, and I hate the idea of being in pain, not being able to sleep, being miserable....  No thank you, drugs for me!

 nap in the wilderness

  And those are from last week's hike....


  1. lieblingsfarbe von andrew ist wohl grün.....wo er das wohl her hat! :-))

  2. So super wandern kann ich gar nicht mehr.
    Von jetzt auf gleich hat sich was geändert bei mir. Ich humpele jetzt. Die ersten 100 Meter kann ich fix gehen, also normal, doch dann wird es langsam langsamer... und noch langsamer. Gar nicht schön.
    Bin bei einem Physiotherapeuten, der sein Handwerk versteht. Er macht mir Hoffnung.
    Diese beiden Fotos von Andrew sind so schön.

    Liebe Grüße Bärbel