April 7, 2013

Easter, NYC, Atlanta, and a baby

It's getting more and more rare that I sit down and write something on the blog.  It seems to me that the other bloggers I read are going the same route.  Google reader will end this summer, I believe, and I'm really not sure how to follow everyone after that.
It's harder to blog because I do a lot of my Internet stuff on the iPad, which doesn't allow easy blogging.  I have trouble typing on the glass surface, it's not the same as feeling the letters by touch, and I have trouble, even while looking at the letters.  So anyhow, I have to dig out the laptop to blog, and that happens less and less.

On Good Friday we took Matthew and Jessica to NYC, to meet up with their mom for lunch.

 Of course we went to the kids favorite stores, ToysRus, and American Girl Doll

 And we got to see a really cool lobby.
To Jessica's delight we went to Mood fabric store, which she knows from TV
 enormous choices, I couldn't even think about picking out a fabric, it was overwhelming

What did we do Easter?  We flew to Atlanta.  On Saturday afternoon, and we came back on Thursday.  We spent the days with Michael's family.  It was lovely to see spring, but even as far south as Atlanta spring is having trouble 'springing'.  We did have a wonderful day on Monday, the weather was beautiful, and we didn't want to go into the house it felt so good to feel the sun.
Here are some signs of spring from down south:

 And on Tuesday we went to the Atlanta zoo.

 There are four pandas in the Atlanta Zoo, and my kick-butt camera caught them close-up

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  1. Ich bin auch blogfaul zur Zeit. Aber ich denke, bei liegt das eindeutig an dem langen Winter, den wir hier hatten - für mich ein Beweis, daß Island nichts für mich wäre ;-)
    Was den Google-Reader betrifft: installiere Dir doch den hier:
    Der übernimmt auch die Feeds aus dem Google-Reader.

    Liebe Grüße, Ruth