January 30, 2013

Still winter, and a birthday

My brother Claus has a birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Claus!  Although he won't read it, he barely reads emails, I have to call and tell him I sent him something.

It was bitter winter last week, a good day yesterday, and a stormy one waiting for us today, followed by more winter.

As always, I'm under time pressure, we're going to work as soon as I'm done.  I finally have an order which will keep us busy a couple of days, after playing catch-up at work, getting the machines oiled, the scissors sharpened, and other maintenance.  We had a water break at work, with water standing several inches on the floors, fortunately we were minimally affected, only a couple of boxes were sitting on the floor in the area that got flooded.  We cover the cutting table and sewing machines with plastic every time we leave, just as a matter of course, so we don't worry about any sudden rainfalls or the weather forecast.

We saw Nicole and the baby last week, which is always fun.  We are working - almost done - on a dog sleeve, which my son wants, to play with his two dogs, he now has another 1-year-old Shepard.

We hiked on Sunday, in Harriman State Park again, I love it on top of the mountain, climbing up the rocks.  It's lovely up there, we had lunch in the lean-to, Michael had made soup, which we heated up.  Despite our being far into the park - you have to hike in, no other way, no cars or other vehicles go in - there were plenty of footsteps in the snow, we weren't alone.  A couple of people poked their heads in the lean-to, but it was ours for the time we were there.

I found antlers!  One side, which I proudly lugged home.

My Amaryllis is blooming, or starting to, and I'll show pictures next time.
Right now we are heading out to join the crowds already on the highway.

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  1. Oha, Wasser bei den Nähmaschinen auf der Arbeit. Sowas ist immer unschön.
    Eure Wanderungen sind immer wieder was Besonderes.
    Ein Geweih habt ihr gefunden? Wow!
    Auf die Fotos deiner Amryllis freue ich mich schon.
    Ganz liebe Grüße