January 20, 2013

Sour dough and cinnamon buns and more

I worked the sour dough today.  It's an experiment, to use sour salt along with the starter to make bread.  I will report back.
Okay, it's two days later.  The sour dough (extra sour sour dough thanks to some 'sour salt', also known as citric acid) took a long time to rise.  I actually cheated and added some yeast.  It took at least 18 plus hours, I was surprised, I had given up on it.  I divided it, shaped it into loaves, and let it rise again, and baked it.  Yummy!  I'm delighted with the result, and will try it again.

The cinnamon rolls are always a success, and I know how to bake them by now, and they are great.

Oh, my, so much to talk about, since we were busy....  I started a new quilt.  I love my new sewing machine, and I had my one-on-one class, and it was ... all right.  I didn't learn as much as I did the first time I went to a class with my friend Sherri.  But I'm good.

After we went out to dinner again, to the Bonefish Grill in Paramus, and while we were sitting there, Michael pointed out the view of the kitchen we had from our seats.  As I was turning around, a gentleman in a suit was walking by, and asked me if he could help me.  No, I said, we were just looking at the kitchen.  Did we want a tour, he wanted to know.  Sue, we said.  So after we were done eating, he stopped by and gave us a tour of his very busy, very clean and very organized kitchen.  At least 30 people work in the kitchen, with probably 7 - 10 cooks.  Very impressive!  He was very nice, we really appreciated it, and we definitely will recommend the restaurant.

We went to see Nicole, Greg, and boys yesterday and took my co-mother-in-law out for dinner for her birthday, just us 'old' people.  It was nice, we went to a German restaurant, where of course the Sauerbraten and red cabbage were on the menu again, which is a must-have on the menu of every German restaurant here in the States.
I got to see the boys, hold the baby for a long time, and I even got to enjoy him quiet, looking at me, and cooing.
Matthew was 7th in a spelling bee yesterday, Jessica made it to the State competition in three weeks, Chuck and Sue want to come visit - it's all good!

These are the photos of today:

It's supposed to get really cold tonight - arctic blast - so we got our walk in the woods in.  It was great!  

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