November 23, 2012

Another Hike - Delaware Water Gap

Thanksgiving was great, we enjoyed the food, and especially the company.

Below Nicole, ready to have her baby in 2 weeks!

And today we hiked.  First we went to PA to check out the Black Friday deals at the sewing machine store, but I couldn't make up my mind.  So we left, and stopped at the Delaware Water Gap Hiking area.  We took the Appalachian Trail a little way in, but then veered off into the Worthington State Forest, and up to Mt. Tammany.  Big hike!  Up, and up, and up.  1,500 feet from the bottom.  We took the longer trail in.
 Beginning, we were still fresh!

 And then the reward was this:
 It was really crowded, but every one of the people up there had to work hard to make it, so you can't begrudge anyone the view or the setting.  We met lots of people on the way up and down.  Some Dads were even carrying tots in back carriers.
We think we saw eagles again, in any case, it was cool to see these huge birds (which refused to fly close enough to be identified)

 My hiking partner
And the crowds and the view

 And this is the trail, I'm not kidding.
Not all of it, but we did have to climb through those rocks.
We made it! (almost)
Going to the Museum of Natural History with three boys, Evan, Jackson and Matthew in New York City.


  1. was ein schöner bauch! :-))


  2. Nicht nur der Bauch, die Frau ist eine Schönheit.
    Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald.