July 17, 2009

Friday - hot and humid

Okay, no more weather.
I am still struggling with the photos. I can't believe I've been online since 1995, and haven't thought to blog until now! I don't know which service to use when uploading photos. Grrrr. I used to have a program called thumbsplus, which was wonderful, allowed for easy downsizing, but I stopped using it - new computers, didn't want to pay another license fee - and just used Picasa.
Picasa is great, if you don't want to downsize for the Internet. And yes, my capacity is big enough that I never downsize any of my pictures, you never know, that masterpiece could be in there somehwere!

And I love pictures. Okay, I won't give up.

All the quilting blogs have inspired me to start a quilt. About time. No, not ready to share photos yet, because - see above.

Weekend plans? Yes, babysitting for Jackson, and garage sales. Plus powerwashing more of the deck, if I get a chance. My mother is in my ear 'you have to finish something'.... and she's been gone 4 years from my life - we miss her.

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