November 9, 2013


Forgot to mention about the visitors in my last post.  Michael's nephew and family are here this weekend from Alabama.  Busy weekend planned!  The patents went to a wedding last night, and we babysat the four boys, ages 11 to 5.  It went very well, the boys are great, the are having a blast in our neighborhood with the school and the woods so close, right out the door in fact.   They are enchanted with the practically tame deer, who are obliging and show themselves, even up close.  They brought their skate boards, and a found a place to practice.  One of the boys mentioned wanting a typewriter, and we could oblige with that, we had an old underwood, which we kept dust covered on a shelf thinking someone would want this antique piece.  Totally happy boy!
We will see what today brings.

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