November 9, 2013

Move, visitors and fall

We moved the business.  Granted, it's very tiny, only two of us working, but it's a business, and some other businesses depend on us, we are very specialized, an niche market, and, to be honest, I like being independent.  The building we were in we ended up in because where we were before was too big and too expensive.  So we moved in with my son-in-law, in an old, old factory which had never been modernized.  The roof leaked badly (it did in the previous building as well), it was dirty, didn't have hot water and was in a terrible neighborhood.  The only good thing about it was the affordability, and hat I met my husband there.
Anyway, the old building is ready to collapse, the owner is selling it, and it was time to move.
We found an industrial park with a vacancy that suited us, the price was right, it is only 12 miles from home, and we loved it.  It has windows!  It has a non-leaking roof!! It has heat!! And a sink with hot water!!!  And in a safe neighborhood!  All things we didn't have before.  We covered the table and the machines every night with plastic, just in case rained.  No more.  
My son-in-laws and my daughters and their children helped move, which we very much appreciated.  My co-mother-in-law cleaned, which was totally necessary, since everything coming out of the old place was covered in dirt.
Above a photo from my desk.  Beautiful, right?
I did find a picture
 Of ou finished business !   Happy worker!  Looks good, right?

And Michael and I behind the great desk he built for me, I'll have to show photos of the finished product.
In the meantime we enjoyed a beautiful fall, hiking most weekends,  I and it is so tempting to photograph every tree.
The reds are phenomenal
Love that

And from ou last hike

And I've been quilting, but didn't get it finished for Halloween

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