May 30, 2013

Things are moving on....

Time just races.  Memorial Day is a memory - recent, yes - but a memory.
We enjoyed two hikes over the weekend, having spent Saturday at home, actually and literally doing nothing, except getting pizza.
Saturday we hiked in Harriman, and we went to my favorite spot, on top of the mountain, over the rocks.

 The path, courtesy of hurricane Sandy

 On top, huge rocks, and below the view.

Above, walking on rocks, below broom, or Ginster in German.  
I've missed broom, I don't know where I'm looking when it blooms...

 And the lovely ferns.  
Years ago my parents visited.  We went for a walk in the woods, and my mother found some ferns she dug up, just a couple, and she found a spot in my yard for them.  She said, you'll remember me years from now when you look at them.  She was right!
And someone took our picture, after we offered to take theirs.

 The city (New York, of course), from Pyramid mountain park, where we went on Monday.

 Jack-in-the-pulpit above, and below a little snake, the first of the season that we saw.
No idea what is is - a garter snake, maybe?

All in all a very nice Memorial Day, hope yours was as good!


  1. Mal wieder super Fotos, ihr seid aber auch toll unterwegs.
    Mit meinem schleppenden Bein könnte ich sowas zur Zeit gar nicht.
    So hast du eine schöne Erinnerung an deine Mutter in deinem Garten. Das ist doch super.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. wie ihr habt pizza geordert?? wird mike etwa ein fauler koch? so lange seid ihr doch noch gar nicht verheiratet ;-)) spässchen gell?! hoffe euch gehts gut! viele regnerische (nerv) grüsse!