May 26, 2013

More Birthday Celebration

Katie turned two, and we went to her birthday party.  We invited Jackson to come along with us, and he did.
As usual, it was a great time at Chuck and Sue's in Maryland.  They have this great property with lots of room for kids and dogs to run around.  The boys enjoyed each others company, and Katie had her cousin there from Tennessee, they all enjoyed playing with bubbles and running and playing.
Katie wanted cupcakes for her birthday, not a cake, and so we had Minnie Mouse cupcakes to sing happy birthday to.
We had hamburgers and hot dogs, and marshmallows by the fire after.  The kids are getting so big!

It was an awesome time, we are looking forward to going back soon, to celebrate Noah's fifth birthday.
Thanks Chuck and Sue, for a really good time!

And happy birthday to you today, Chuck!  I know what we were doing 37 years ago!!!

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