March 10, 2013

Not so hot

I haven't been feeling on top of the world.  Plus it's been very busy.  My back is somewhat better, but not all the way yet.  We can't even find time to go to the  chiropractor.
I had pink eye!  Conjunctivitis, yup.  Woke up last Sunday with a goopy eye, it was shut, and I knew immediately that I had to go to the doctor.  Plus the cold.... Anyway, it's over, I'm better, and we actually went hiking yesterday.  And loved it!
I spent a lot of time with the new baby the last two weeks, and I enjoyed it.  I even left the camera in my purse, and just enjoyed holding him, getting him to find my face, and then smiling that big gorgeous baby smile!
Michael had an accident, that wasn't very much fun, except for the fact that he walked away without a scratch.  Car was totaled.  We already have the replacement, and it's lovely.

A week or more later ....................

Better.  Well enough to find out way into the woods today.  The weather was/is lovely.  We changed the clocks last night, and it's already 5:20 - I hate the time change, it messes things up, it takes me a long time to get used to it.

We visited the baby and his family yesterday, everyone is fine, and he is getting big!

 Anyone remember an angry babies face?  My mother called it the 'poison dwarf' (Gift Zwerg)

Michael rough housing with two happy little boys
And Andrew with me and Michael - isn't he big?

Today we went back into the woods.  Tough hike, uphill in the snow and ice, lovely once there, but a very tough return down the mountain, we were afraid to slip and fall.  But oh so satisfying to have made it.

And before I leave all you hanging more time, I'm off on the couch nursing my sore muscles.

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  1. Liebe Ruth, euer kleiner Enkel ist ein Prachtkerl, du meinst, er kann ein Giftzwerg sein?
    Deine Augen sind wieder ok? - Die Grippe überwunden?
    Ihr unternehmt ja schon wieder so tolle Ausflüge. Was ist das für eine schmale Brücke?
    Die erinnert mich an Llangollen...

    Liebe Grüße Bärbel