February 24, 2013

So sorry

Apologies for the long silence,
As always, life keeps happening.   At the moment I'm sick.  A cold, my hurting back, and to top it off, this morning I woke up with a crusty eye, which means I have pink eye or conjunctivitis.  So off to Urgent Care we'll go in a little while.  Three times weekly visits with a chiropractor are already scheduled, he told me I have an inflamed muscle in my back, and that takes time to heal.  In other words, I'm a mess.

I got a couple of questions about the dish of food I showed when we were in New York at Carmine's. that was the family style appetizer (meaning for 4 plus peaople, or for the table) of fried zucchini.  It was absolutely delicious, and flavorfull with breading and parmesan cheese.

We were invited for dinner at Nicole and Greg's last night, and it's just lovely to see the kids.  The baby is growing so fast!  Evan' vocabulary is amazing, and Jackson loves school.
We also facetimed with Noah and Katie, and it was great, the two of them are a delight.  Always smiling!

So, a lot of other things went on, but I'm busy getting better at the moment.
More next time!


  1. Liebe Ruth, das liest sich nicht so gut.
    Grins, nun kann ich auch noch dichten.
    Dein Rücken braucht also Physiotherapie.
    Die hilft garantiert.
    Deine Lieben sind zum Glück alle wohlauf, nur du nicht. Dein Auge macht nun auch noch Ärger.
    ich drück die Daumen, dass du bald wieder fit bist.
    Liebe Grüße Bärbel

  2. Seems like everyone is under the weather! My hubby has had bronchitis for three weeks and I have had sinus junk! Woke up yesterday with the flu! Ugh! Glad your back is getting a little better. My son-in-law took a nasty fall and tore the muscle away from his ribs! Ouch! Slowly healing!
    Get well soon.
    We have lots of snow and hope it helps cure us of all of our aliments!