March 17, 2013

Week with snow, not much work, and visitors

The beginning of the week we had a visit from a little girl named Story, who brought her parents and her little brother Weston, who looks amazingly like his second - or is it third - cousin Evan.  Story lives on Martha's Vineyard, and was checking out the area since her mom had a great opportunity for a job here, and it looks like they will move here sometime in the summer.

We worked - although it was not overwhelming.  That's fine too, sometimes it just works that way.  It gave me a chance to visit a customer, and assure him that the quality of our work hasn't changed, like he thought, it was a flaw/fault of the material.  I was glad I could fix that misconception.

Saturday we had a visit from Andrew, who was here for the first time, and Evan and Jackson, and they brought their mom - ups, I just remembered, Andrew was here before!  My mistake.

And I worked on table runners.  Lots of fun and lots of work.  I got it in my head to use all the embroidery stitches of my sewing machines.  I had bought a 'jelly roll' of fabric I liked, I had some left over, and off I went cutting strips and sewing them together, then embroidering on the seam.  I really like the way they came out.  I made 10" by 2" strips, sewed them together first, then quilted them with the embroidery stitches directly onto batting and backing.  Lucky me, it worked out, a real quilter is probably aghast at my slap-dash method.
I started a new project as well, originally I wanted to quilt 'broken dishes', but somehow it didn't work with the fabrics I selected.  So I'm going with - I have no idea what it's called - windmills?
Anyway, what appeals to me with quilting is the random fabrics, not the pre-planned look so much.  Maybe I'll have to run the list first.

 Fun, right?

and Andrew, although he smiled a lot during this visit too, I was just far too busy admiring his smile to grab the camera!
Below one more Easter table runner.  I love them!

Oh, and before I forget, Frau Bruellen had a great idea last week, about what bloggers did all day.  Yes, I had intended to participate, but my week started with a doctor's appointment (routine), and I'm not near the Internet during the day, and too busy/tired at night to blog/tell about my day.  So I just enjoyed reading the blogs that participated.

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