December 15, 2012

One more week to go

A note about the photo: It was taken by my little brother Thomas, of the Christmas
market in Colmar, France.  

A little more then one week to go, and it'll be Christmas.

So much to do, such a busy time.

And yet, stopped in our tracks with the terrible things that happened in Connecticut.  One's
imagination doesn't even dare to go there, and Michael mentioned last night that he is glad he doesn't know anyone there and isn't connected at all to it.  I agree, it's too much to bear to even hear about it.
Meine deutschen Leser:  Ja, Waffenkontrolle ist angesagt, und wird auch hier sehr aktiv befoerdert und verlangt.  Aber da ist das verfluchte zweite Ammendment der Konstutition, das jedem Mann seine Waffe zusagt ist immer wieder der Stolperstein.

My brother called on Wednesday to tell me that a friend of mine in Germany died.  She had been sick or not feeling well for a long time, years really, but we all thought it was something chronic, and that she would be around for a long, long time.  She got married to a childhood friend of my brother's.  She and her husband have a charming house near where we all grew up, and we saw them and used to spend time with them whenever we visited.  I just got a Christmas card from her!
I will miss you, Edelgard, and I am still trying to get used to the idea that you are without pain and no longer with us.

We visited the family with the newborn on Monday, cooked dinner for them (stuffed peppers, red, orange and yellow, yummy! and macaroni with cheese, so good), and held the baby.  So special to hold a little brand-new life!  And see his brothers, the oldest was busy with his mother's new iPad, which kids take to like ducks to water.

Somewhat busy at work, some customers have last minute orders.  Yesterday was the Christmas sing-a-long at Jackson's and Evan's daycare/school, so we went, and it was just adorable to see the little ones.  Yes, we got to hold their little brother, who stayed home with the grandmother.
Tonight my son and family will come and spend the night with us, have breakfast with us and Matthew and Jessica and parents, and then go back to Maryland.
I'm sure you are all busy.  Hug your children, and enjoy your time together!

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  1. Ja, wir knuddeln unsere Kinder in diesen Tagen besonders fest... Selbst aus der Ferne ein unfassbares Geschehen.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch noch zum 7. Enkelchen!
    Liebe Grüße