August 15, 2012

vacation over, back home

We landed back home in the US today.  After a long bumpy boring flight. While one sits on the plane it seems like it's forever, and once back on land, it seems to have passed so fast.  And home seems so far away on vacation and the vacation so far away once home.
We did have a whirl wind vacation.  It started with two and a half days in Germany, staying on the Hunsrueck, and visiting all over the place.  We walked on the Rheinsteig on the 'wrong' side the first day there, and took photos of one of my favorites places along the Rhine River.
One day with my brother and his wife just the four of us, plus their two new puppies, Eurasians, named Alice and Cooper.  Get it?  Not me, it took me three days!
On the second day the girls and their families arrived, with their children.  On Sunday we had a get-together with the people we love and don't see often enough.  Three pregnant ladies, and the others.  Mu sister-in-law did a fabulous job organizing the party, we had plenty of food, and a lot of fun.
On Monday we drove through France to the very south of Germany, in the three-country-corner of France, Germany and Switzerland, where my other brother lives.  We stopped for lunch in Colmar, and with our combined (non)knowledge of French managed to order red wine, Flammkuchen, and pasta.

We had sleeping babies, storchs, and a pile of kids.  We had horses, dogs, and cats, and we went up a Swiss mountain.  We had a scare of an early arrival of a baby, and a pregnant mom who spent two nights/days in the best hospital she could be in, the University hospital in Freiburg in the Black Forest.  We ate supper at a castle on the terrace outside, we went for coach rides, we rode up a mountain in Switzerland in a cable car to the very top, we lunched at a castle back in Germany in style, we visited the Marksburg castle in Germany, and we stayed overnight in Burg Stahleck, a castle in Bacharach, which was converted into a youth hostel.
My grandchildren were scandalized at the concept of sharing a bathroom with strangers, we took a long walk in the woods and introduced the children to ant hills in the woods.  We checked out the crane that is simply huge and erects the power-producing windmills.

We visited with family and friends.  And didn't say thank you often enough.  But we felt it.  And now I'll say good night to nurse my jet lag.


  1. I like! Thumbs up! :-)
    Schön das Ihr gut gelandet seid!
    K&D, Grüsse aus dem Hunsrück!

  2. :-) Du warst in Germany, während ich in Amerika war? Und ich wollte Dir noch schreiben, ich sei in Deiner Nähe!! :-)
    So ein schöner Urlaub!
    GGLG Doris
    (Liebe Doris, irgendwie hab ich einen Fehler gemacht, und Deinen Komment deleted. Kann ich nicht rueckwarts machen, also kopiert und reingeklebt!)