August 28, 2009

Not going

I am not going to Connecticut this weekend, as I had originally planned. I love to hang out with an old-time friend. She's been in my life now for 30 plus years, being there for me when my husband died. She was the one who listened when I answered the question 'if there is anything I can do for you', to which my answer was 'don't leave me alone'.
Linda showed up a few weeks later, and spent the weekend with us. The first of many weekends, some of them wildly exciting, like the one when we left the house at 9 AM in the morning, went to New York City, toured, checked all kinds of tourist spots (remember the lady with the boa constrictor around her neck?!), found all the nice bathrooms for the middle child, got tickets for a show, and came home at midnight. With three little kids. The oldest was 9/10, the middle one 6, and the little guy between 4 and 5. I owe her big! She's been such a friend over the last 30 years.... Such good times, such special time together. The Amish country near Lancaster, the Fingerlakes region in upstate New York. The day trip to Nantucket. The two trips she joined us in Germany, and from there we went to Switzerland. The time I went with her to Cologne on the Rhine River and we stayed in the little hotel with the room under the roof and mice running around. The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas trip. The trip to New Hampshire and up Mount Washington.
The countless places in New Jersey we discovered together, the trip to Cape May, the discovery of Ringwood Manor and Skylands Botanical Garden, to which I dragged every one of my European visitors, who all loved it.
The first time to Ellis Island in 1991. The times she brought down her Dad too, to my kids weddings, to my grnadson's first birthday, and the list goes on.
Thank you, Linda!
There is no way I could ever express my gratitude fully.

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