August 24, 2009

Wedding on Martha's Vineyard

The bride wore white. The official conducting the ceremony wore a morning coat and a top hat. The groom wore a short-sleeved blue shirt, and the couple's two-months-old daughter attended the ceremony wearing a little white dress with pink flowers. There was a grove in the trees where the ceremony was held. The bride's sister was matron of honor, and her daughter the flower girl/bridesmaid. The bride's nephew was the ring bearer. The bride's grandfather had tears in his eyes after the 'I do's'
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There was a tent on the property, an old restored Model A Ford with a driver giving rides, who had to go home at some point to feed his cows. There was the ceremony in the grove, with a 4 piece brass band playing the ode of joy. There were hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw, sausages, grilled fresh corn, and vegetable shish kebobs. All the produce came from a local farm, whose people the groom is related to.

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For dessert there were any kind of fruit pie, and hand-made chocolates from a local store.
There was music, and the bride's grandfather danced with the bride.
My family was all there, and my two oldest grandchildren enjoyed the wedding so much, we barely saw them. There were children running around, there were hay bales, there was an old tractor, although I was so busy visiting, that I don't remember if there were rides on that. There were Chinese lanterns, the bride's parents, whom I hadn't seen in eleven years. There were hugs and promises to see each other again soon.
Oh, it was wonderful!

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