January 10, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Oh, shame on me.  You know why.

Busy!  Holidays went like a blur.  We had a great Christmas Day with family, and we missed the ones we couldn't be with.  We were 18 people for dinner, this is counting the baby, though (he counts!).

It's just lovely to all be together.  And no, I took very few pictures.  I enjoyed just being part of it, and even not taking photos I missed a lot.  Especially while everyone was unwrapping their presents, with 18 people you don't take turns, it'd take hours.

That morning Michael and I exchanged gifts.  He surprised me with a wonderful embroidery machine, it's amazing!  Not a little one, either, one of the hoops is 360x200 mm which is 14" plus by almost 8"!  Huge!  And the extra software to go with it, I happily tried the machine out, it works great!  I now need the lessons to go with it.
 a label for Jackson's quilt

The day after Christmas we packed the car (of course), and off we went.  First stop Maryland, to visit Noah and Katherine, and oh, their parents too.  Next day on to South Carolina.  Long trip, there was lots of traffic in the Washington, DC area which we had to cope with first.

We visited Michael's sister and husband, I got to meet her daughter-in-law and babies for the first time.  We played with my embroidery machine, visited an amazing area in the SC mountains, Caesars Head, and enjoyed the drive. 
We picked up Michael's sister Karen at the airport, and enjoyed our time with her, as well as the afternoon spent with Michael's granddaughter Reese and her Mom.  The next day, on New Year's Eve, we were going home already.  I loved the drive, even though it was long (over 11 hours), but the weather was fine, the sun was shining, and I loved driving through the mountains of Virginia.  Traffic moved, nothing wrong with the occasional road trip!
Which we are going on again tomorrow.  Four-hour trip 'only', to Rhode Island, to wish my former father-in-law happy 97th birthday.  All the kids are going, my family will be complete for a few hours, that is always so special.

 Us, on top of Caesars Head, SC, and below we are on the road.
Yes, we had snow.  A week ago today, enough to keep us at home, just shoveling out.  It turned into a gorgeous day, with blue, blue skies, and sun, amazing how different the world looks after a snow storm.  The weather flipped, the snow melted, and then we got the arctic cold.  Brrrr.  But it is winter.  And it only lasted a couple of days.  The hullabaloo made of it on the news was unreal.  Yes, it was very cold in areas it never gets down to those temperatures, but here in the NE it was just winter.

And so it goes!  I will try to post more faithfully.
I wish you all the very best for the New Year!