December 13, 2013


It's been ages since I wrote the last time!  Busy.  We moved the business into this gorgeous (in comparison to the old one) building, and are truly happy here.

We hosted Thanksgiving - sorry, no photos - and were busy getting ready for that.  We had a wonderful time, we had 14 people including us.  The kids had a good time, I had white tablecloths on the table, and after dinner I got out indelible markers and let everyone lose writing and drawing on the tablecloths.  The original idea was to embroider peoples signatures, which I had envisioned was the only thing, but the kids had such a good time that I couldn't just request a signature.  You draw whatever you want!  And they did.  I was thinking of getting fabric paint and painting over the drawings, since I ended up mixing washable and indelible markers, but oh, well, another project.

I almost finished a quilt for Jackson, he requested a 'blanket' with airplanes, and I finished another doll quilt, which is going out in a package today.
We hiked, enjoyed the fall and the outdoors, and loved every minute of it.  My brother visited during this week, he had a business trip to the States, close by, and we got to see him on three of the nights - actually all of them!  It was great!

Andrew turned one, and had a stellar birthday party, where he got his quilt, the one that started it all.

He started walking, he has 8 teeth and is a hefty adorable 'baby'/toddler.  On his party he fully walked, he had had a double ear infection, and finally felt better on his birthday.
My son visited the Friday after Thanksgiving for an overnight visit with his dogs, we took him hiking to the Hawk Watch, to give the dogs some exercise before going for a 4 plus hour ride home.

Jessica and Matthew got a dog, a tiny little Yorkie, just one pound when they picked it up.  Jessica had been hounding her parents for years for a dog, but because of Jim's allergies it was a no go.  Finally Jessica's parents relented, after Jessica stalked the neighbors dogs, was waiting outside all the time to see them.  So the day after Thanksgiving Jessica's parents took the kids to the home of the puppy pretending it was a visit to a college friend, and surprised them with Zoey.

Since the dog has almost doubled in size (still the littlest dog I've ever met), and she is adorable and personable and gets so excited and happy.
What else?  Oh, we had visitors from Alabama, Michael's nephew and wife and four sons, it was fun!  We had a good time with them, and did a marathon sight seeing session on one day with them in lower Manhattan, we had to skip a second day, because Michael's car got a smashed rear window because a rock fell from the bridge it was standing under while being parked there.  But it's all good again.

Some more photos of the birthday boy, his brother Evan, and the birthday cake.  No, not home-made, home bought.
And I forgot to take pictures of my 'tacky' (as my brother declared it) Christmas tree.  Don't worry, I know he loves me!

November 9, 2013


Forgot to mention about the visitors in my last post.  Michael's nephew and family are here this weekend from Alabama.  Busy weekend planned!  The patents went to a wedding last night, and we babysat the four boys, ages 11 to 5.  It went very well, the boys are great, the are having a blast in our neighborhood with the school and the woods so close, right out the door in fact.   They are enchanted with the practically tame deer, who are obliging and show themselves, even up close.  They brought their skate boards, and a found a place to practice.  One of the boys mentioned wanting a typewriter, and we could oblige with that, we had an old underwood, which we kept dust covered on a shelf thinking someone would want this antique piece.  Totally happy boy!
We will see what today brings.

Move, visitors and fall

We moved the business.  Granted, it's very tiny, only two of us working, but it's a business, and some other businesses depend on us, we are very specialized, an niche market, and, to be honest, I like being independent.  The building we were in we ended up in because where we were before was too big and too expensive.  So we moved in with my son-in-law, in an old, old factory which had never been modernized.  The roof leaked badly (it did in the previous building as well), it was dirty, didn't have hot water and was in a terrible neighborhood.  The only good thing about it was the affordability, and hat I met my husband there.
Anyway, the old building is ready to collapse, the owner is selling it, and it was time to move.
We found an industrial park with a vacancy that suited us, the price was right, it is only 12 miles from home, and we loved it.  It has windows!  It has a non-leaking roof!! It has heat!! And a sink with hot water!!!  And in a safe neighborhood!  All things we didn't have before.  We covered the table and the machines every night with plastic, just in case rained.  No more.  
My son-in-laws and my daughters and their children helped move, which we very much appreciated.  My co-mother-in-law cleaned, which was totally necessary, since everything coming out of the old place was covered in dirt.
Above a photo from my desk.  Beautiful, right?
I did find a picture
 Of ou finished business !   Happy worker!  Looks good, right?

And Michael and I behind the great desk he built for me, I'll have to show photos of the finished product.
In the meantime we enjoyed a beautiful fall, hiking most weekends,  I and it is so tempting to photograph every tree.
The reds are phenomenal
Love that

And from ou last hike

And I've been quilting, but didn't get it finished for Halloween

October 7, 2013

First anniversary

Well, it's been a while.  I've been busy.  With birthdays, sewing, working, just living.  I won't try to recreate the lost weeks, I'll jump right in with this weekend.  It was our first anniversary, so we are no longer newly weds. It still feels newly we'd, though, and so very special.  We spend a lot of time together, since we work and live together.  And it's so great, I've been alone such a long time, I still have trouble realizing I'm part of a couple.

As my better half would say: enough with the mushy stuff!

We went away, back to the bed and breakfast inn we went to last year, near Monticello, NY, which also happens to be close to Bethel Woods, which is the site of Woodstock in 1969.  Michael actually was there, back then, I had wanted to go, but my then husband was an MP, and it was totally out of the question that we go.... Oh, all such a long time ago.  And no, we didin't go to yhe site, we went last year, and never even bothered to visit the museum.

No, we went back to our lovely hiking spot from last year, the Neversink Gorge.  We went for a five plus mile long hike, which was lovely, except for the fog and drizzle the entire hike.  No, it was not cold at all, just humid and wet.
And we saw wildlife!  A porcupine in a tree, lots of toads, a chipmunk, and, drumroll: we startled or woke up a bear.  Really close to us, I didn't even get to see it, just heard it rustle, and run off, and Michael just saw it really close up for a couple seconds.  It scared us, and there was no chance to even grab a camera, although that was the first thing I thought of.

The mystical woods, it really did look like a fairy tale forest.

Beautiful, with the fall colors

A sign forest we came across after supper
Home today.  To a rainy day with tornado warnings, but luckily we only had rain.

September 15, 2013

Quilts and week

When we went to the Adirondacks, we stopped for one night in Windham.  We hiked for a bit in the Encarpment trail, which was fixed, the bridge over the stream restored and it looked like the trail was well used.  Anyway, in the closet in Windkam I found this quilt:
I guess I will have to take a photo of the whole thing, I'm just showing the bit I'm fixing.  It looks like a quilt... I'm guessing from the 30s or 40s.  I took the forgotten quilt home with me, and I'm fixing it.  It has some worn spots in it, the quilt experts who warn against folding quilts on the same spot are right, it wears out a quilt.  I tore apart an older pillow case to coma as close as I could to the white.  
Lovely, I'm so thrilled to have something that lovely in my hands.  And the story behind it?  No clue.  No label, nothing embroidered.  
Below is the quilt on the bed.  You can't even see the fixed areas.  
Other than that?  Just a normal work week, waking up around five, and out of the house before seven.